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CollectiveGIF: Information Overload

CollectiveGIF: Information Overload

CollectiveGIF: Information Overload is a night of multiscreen performative video curated by killer banshee (Eliot K Daughtry & Kriss De Jong) in collaboration with Jerry Smith.

AnimatedGIFs embody the short attention span: gestural images pulling you into meditative focus and distracting you at the same time. Native to the Internet, the GIF is a vernacular form, easily dismissed. Glitchy, contrary, paradoxical in their position, animated GIFs take things out of normal time and place. CollectiveGIF: Information Overload will present thousands of gifs – momentary gesticulations collected from the wilds of the Internet.

CollectiveGIFs from killer banshee: Eliot K Daughtry & Kriss De Jong with Jerry Smith, Fly, Zon Wakest, Travis Meinolf, Dean Putney, Alma Alloro, Phil Bonner, ABVH, AJElledge, MrGIF, Dain Fagerholm, Beck&Burg, Eric L. Sanchez, Anthony Discenza, Ignacio Torres, Jake OLimb, Luli & the many minions of the memescape that is AnimatedGIF.

Saturday, November 3rd, 2012 8-10pm
Emerald Tablet, San Francisco

CollectiveGIF: Information Overload
a part of A.D.D. curated by MicroClimate Collective
(Glenna Cole Allee & Victoria Mara Heilweil)
Support for MicroClimate Collective 2012 exhibitions is provided by Southern Exposure’s Alternative Exposure Grant Program.