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Unleashed Power

Unleashed Power

Unleashed Power is an experimental short video performance and installation work by killer banshee.

Unleashed Power draws on archival footage from an ACT-UP demonstration to trace the story of one activist’s ongoing struggle for justice following an act of police brutality therein.

Unleashed Power uses found & personal footage, imagery & text pulled from deposition transcripts to examine the history of ACT-UP demonstrations and police violence through the lens of a single incident…experienced by Kriss De Jong during the Chicago ACT-UP AMA Demo in June of 1991.

Unleashed Power was presented at SF Camerawork as a video and ephemera installation for the show Suggestions of a Life Being Lived in September of 2010.

Unleashed Power debuted as part of the RADAR reading series hosted by Michelle Tea at the San Francisco Public Library on December 9, 2008. It has been performed at several venues, including the Bowery Poetry Club and Le Petit Versailles in New York. In 2009, a performance that was part of the Queer Arts Festival was written up on SF MOMA’s arts blog Open Space by Adrienne Skye Roberts.

In 2010, Unleashed Power was featured as a live performance at the T-10 Video Festival at the 21 Grand Gallery in Oakland California.